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Byron Burger


75 Gloucester Road, SW7 4SS

Dinner for two with service: around £25
020 7244 0700
Byron on Urbanspoon

This is the year of the Burger in London and what started as a lo-fi street food trend has now become very mainstream.  This trend is epitomised by the story of Byron which started as a tiny Kensington diner and now has a whopping 23 branches.  The Gloucester Road restaurant is directly opposite the tube station and I think it will do very well here because there aren’t many great eateries in the vicinity.  It’s interior is pretty sparse with diner style tables laid out along each wall and lots of hard surfaces which don’t lend a congenial atmosphere – it is very loud!  The menu is stripped down with 5 types of beef burger (£6.75 – £8.75), along with chicken (£8.75) and veggie (£7.75) burgers.  The options for side dishes include french fries, onion rings (£2.95) and skin on chunky chips (£3.25).

All their burgers come from small farms in Scotland using meat minced freshly every day and, unusually and somewhat bravely, are served medium rare.  I opted for a Mo burger which comes with cheddar cheese, tangy salted cucumber and a mustard dill.  My burger was perfectly cooked, the meat melt in the mouth and I really enjoyed the creamy mustard dill.  We also ordered french fries which were unremarkable, but our disappointment was tempered by our fantastic onion rings in a light batter cooked so that the onion within was still firm.  The burger was pretty large and along with our sides I felt very full.

They have a small but credible beer menu featuring Brewdog Dead Pony and Camden Bells from the UK plus a few more from the US.  Their milkshakes look great and are served in in the large metal cup that they are mixed in.


Great value, good quality burgers with no frills.

Food 4/5
Atmosphere 1/5
Service 2/5
Value 4.5/5

Thanks to Teddy at Todor Krastev Photography for the fantastic pictures.


Author: murraycsblake

London food blogger.

4 thoughts on “Byron Burger

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  2. You are right, I should got a cut-in-half pic! Hope all is good 🙂

  3. PS. I love the blog, I need to get back to the UK soon 😦 Outside of burgers, japanese, and mexican food, the food in San Diego itself blows

  4. Burgers have been a Big Thing out here in southern california for the past 5-6 years. There’s an obscene number of new burger places opening up all the time (and San Diego has the best burger place in the country! Supposedly…)

    Anyway, I’m a firm believer that all burger reviews need a cut-in-half pic. I want to see the pink!

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