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Pitt Cue Co.


1 Newburgh St, Soho, W1F 7RB
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus
Pitt Cue Co on Urbanspoon

Pitt Cue is one of the hip restaurants of this autumn, a constant presence on Urbanspoon’s London top ten.  It is yet another of these places that doesn’t take bookings, has a stripped down menu and hipster staff waiting on only a few tables.  The food is American barbecue – a style that seems to be sweeping across London (see Meat Liquor, Duke’s Brew & Que etc.).  It serves simple but very well executed dishes, which is reflected by its winning of Zagat’s 2013 best newcomer award.

Having read many stories about horribly long queuing experiences here I planned to arrive as early as possible, hot-footing it from the office as soon as the clock struck 5pm, jumping on the tube to be decanted at Oxford Circus where I broke through crowds of sloth-like tourists, arriving at Newburgh street at 5.20pm, to find no queue whatsoever!  They don’t officially open until 6pm but after about a 10 minute wait myself and the small queue that had formed behind me were permitted entry to the bar.  The bar menu focuses on bourbon based cocktails – I sampled the two “specials” of the day, one using rye whiskey (which was more complicated and a bit spicier than normal bourbon) and the other using good quality bourbon.  Both were citrusy yet very simple and they were pretty unremarkable.  There are only 6 items on the menu – four mainstays: pork ribs £12.50, pulled pork £11.50, house sausage £11 and beef brisket £15; they also had two specials: lamb chops £12.50 and beef ribs £12.50.

I opted for the pulled pork which is taken from the shoulder and is apparently smoked at 50°C for 15 hours and then smothered in a special barbecue sauce and finished in the oven.  The meat was remarkably tender with an intense smoky flavour enhanced by the slightly sweet barbecue sauce (which also acts as a very rich gravy).  It comes with a dollop of creamy slaw and some tart gherkins which do a great job of cutting through all the meat.  I also sampled the pork ribs which were a triumph – they fell off the bone, their marbled fat melting in the mouth.  They had been finished on the barbecue lending a chargrilled and slightly caramalised flavour.  To accompany our meats we went for the bone marrow mash, rib cap beans and green chilli slaw (all £3.50).  The mash had been finished in the oven with a layer of gravy and topped with lump of bone marrow which had bled into the mash resulting in a beautiful richness.  The rib cap beans were equally fantastic – a mix of red kidney and white haricot beans which were cooked to perfection so they melted in the mouth, all bound together with a tangy barbecue sauce.  We left no space for dessert but the eton mess looks delicious.

Perfectly cooked and great value American comfort food.
Food 4.5/5
Atmosphere 1/5
Service 3/5
Value 4/5
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