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54 – 62 Meadow Garth, Neasden, NW10 8HD
Nearest tube: Wembley Park
020 8965 3365
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Shayona is an Indian restaurant near London’s main Hindu temple in Neasden.  The food caters for all branches of Hinduism and so is vegetarian, egg-free as well as both onion and garlic free.  I must admit that I was sceptical about a restaurant’s ability to produce food without all the staple ingredients of western cuisine, but I really enjoyed my meal at Shayona and would recommend it to anyone who is keen to try something a bit different.  A slight word of warning for weight watchers: the food is not healthy – it is very cheese heavy and there is a lot of frying going on.  The menu is a mix of more familiar curries and starters (vegetable jalfrezi, tikka masala etc.) along with a good selection of regional dishes.  We generally opted for more unusual dishes, starting with fiery fried potato bhajia, paneer curry with peppers in a light tomato sauce and very tasty fried okra.  My favourite of our mains was the soya mince curry which had a rich tomato base and was lightly spiced with coriander.  Other highlights included a fresh and light spinach curry and a baby aubergine that had been roasted and then stuffed with smoked aubergine pulp.  If you have any space left after all that fried food, they offer a fantastic range of multi-coloured desserts – all taste of condensed milk, some of almonds, others pistachio and, bizarrely, tamarind.

Verdict: Recommended for the adventurous.

Crispy Potato Bhajia.


Paneer Sizzler: paneer and capsicums roasted in clay oven & sauteéd.


Bhindi Kur Kure: fried and lightly spiced okra.


Soya curry.


Almond kulfi.



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