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114 Ebury Street, Belgravia, SW1W 9QD
Nearest tube: Sloane Square
Tomtom Coffee House on Urbanspoon
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Good quality coffee has even come to Chelsea: Tomtom roast their own beans and treat them very well using a La Marzocco machine.  It started life as a cigar shop that also sold coffee beans, eventually spawning a coffee shop which now also serves snacks and baking.


I opted for my staple flat white (£2.90) which was prepared by a grumpy Spanish barista.  His milk treatment was a bit sloppy – it had not been foamed uniformly, but it still had a decent creaminess and a slight silkiness.  The coffee was mild and uncomplicated, it only had a light caffeine hit so might not fully satisfy caffeine junkies.


This was a nice flat white, and worthy of its place in the London Coffee Guide, but alas outside of London’s top ten for me.  We also had a cookie which unfortunately wasn’t very fresh so I won’t vouch for their range of baked goods (they have brownies, muffins etc.).

Verdict: decent coffee but don’t bother with the baking.

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