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6 Charlwood Street, Pimlico, SW1V 2EE
Nearest tube: Pimlico
020 7630 7225
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Pimlico is a bit of a barren area for eating and drinking – it is generally blank and residential, housing lots of middle market hotels.  The one place of interest is CASK which serves up craft beer and currently has a residency by forty burgers who, as their name suggests are a good quality burger specialist.  The beer selection at CASK is fantastic, the bar staff are very enthusiastic and are willing to let you try lots of beers and to point you in the right direction.  I had a smoked bitter which was very unusual and a very hoppy IPA which would have put hairs on the chest of even the most hardy CAMRA beard.


We went on a Sunday afternoon and burgers were off the agenda in favour of a Sunday roast and a selection of starters. To marry with my beer, I opted for fried squid which were reasonable and I think pretty fresh.  I also tried a pretty yucky chicken liver pate which seemed like it had come straight out of a packet.


The lamb roast we had for main course was a lot more pleasing – it was served with a light Yorkshire pud, very well cooked cauliflower cheese, cabbage and carrots.  The only disappointment was the roast tatties which seemed as if they had been cooked earlier in the day so that they had lost their crunchiness.  The lamb was very tasty – it was mostly leg meat and had retained its moisture.  A well cooked and great value roast at £13.  The atmosphere was very relaxed, the clientele being a mix of beer geeks and local salt of the earth cockney types.  There was not a single trendy in sight.

Verdict: great beer and a decent feed.


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