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54-56 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, SW1W 9PB
Nearest tube: Sloane Square
0207 730 5524
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I’ve never seen Made In Chelsea but I have a rough feel for what the characters are like, and last week it seemed like half of the cast had decamped to Baker & Spice to enjoy a Saturday brunch in the sun.  There were quite a few “yahs” in the air, some popped collars and a lot of cigarette smoking (is it only the poorest and richest that smoke these days?).  If you like a higher class of people watching then Baker & Spice may well be the place for you, and for me it was interesting to observe the new money that now swarms Chelsea – Danish bankers with their prize wives, cigar smoking Spaniards with little round heads and obnoxious Americans who dress like Sloanies but lack the manners.


The restaurant (which is now part of a small chain) started life as a bakery in the mid-nineties and has now expanded to up market salads and hot main courses like Salmon en croûte and dressed crab.  It has also become a bit of brunch favourite having received a great write up in the London Review of Breakfasts.  They offer a great selection of fresh salads; I opted for quinoa with peppers & olives, sweet potato, shallots and pumpkin seeds, and a wonderful parsnip and rocket salad.  These were all served in generous dollops and the cooking of each was excellent.


We also had a chicken and leek pie which was made with rich puff pastry, the filling contained a generous amount of chicken and was cut with nicely crunchy leeks.  Very pleasing, my only criticism is that it was a tad under-seasoned.  We ate this along with a green bean salad which used great quality (I think organic) beans which had been quickly blanched so that they retained their texture.

Verdict: great for people watching and a healthy but hearty brunch

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