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London food and coffee writer

TAP Coffee

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193 Wardour Street, W1F 8ZF
Nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road
020 7580 2163
Tapped and Packed on Urbanspoon
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The best flat white in town?
A coffee made by a hipster with a frown,
She may be a grump
with inked arms and a slight slump;
But oh what a barista!
An artisanal Athena,
Controlling her steaming machine
with deftness.  She is focused, serene
She prods the Italian,
he lets out a scream
sticks cold milk under his nose
which grows, and grows and grows

Then Bang! He cries
black stuff, and sighs
She purges his tears
carefully adds milk and cheers,
“Ready, innit” to one of her peers.
My cup is presented
with a double leaf, cemented
in milk.  A work of art
It seems a shame to start.
But the aroma is tantalising
smoky, rich. I’m fantasising

Now time to drink,
amazing texture, now let me think:
deep flavour with toffee hues,
far too good to refuse;
This coffee is worth a detour
for an uplifting coffee cure
I’d give it a coffee score
below five but over four


Coffee score – 4.5/5
Atmosphere – 3.5/5


Author: murraycsblake

London food blogger.

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