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7 Market Row, Brixton Village, SW9 8LB
Nearest tube: Brixton
020 7998 3309
Seven At Brixton on Urbanspoon


Seven is a hip tapas bar in Brixton village, a stone’s throw away from pizza pioneers Franco Manca.  It is a buzzing and shambolic place with graffiti art on the walls, a rickety staircase and charity shop furniture.  They serve up a heavily anglicised version of pintxos which is a Basque slant on tapas and involves lots of seafood on little slices of bread skewered with sticks.  I haven’t been to the Basque country but I have been to an authentic pintxos place in Madrid and the range of tapas there was a lot more interesting that at Seven (they had things like octopus, blood sausages, cuttlefish and hake).  We obviously have different produce in the UK, but for me it is a bit of stretch to call the food served at Seven pintxos.  However, grumbles over nomenclature aside, the food they serve is very tasty.  They also have a traditional cocktail list and I was very happy with my Old Fashioned – it is a very hectic but fun place to have a drink (although they close at 10pm).


We went at lunchtime so weren’t too extravagant.  We had four tapas: an extremely good tortilla (£3) made with very fresh eggs and cooked to perfection – the potato had nicely broken into the egg and the texture was light and moist.  Fried calamari (£5) was crisp and nicely chewy.  Roasted aubergine (£4) was simple but well executed – the aubergine had been properly salted so that all the bitterness was taken away.  We also went for caramelised aubergine with mint and chilli (£4.5) which was drizzled in a beautiful sherry vinaigrette.

Verdict: Good quality tapas.

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