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20 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9RG
Nearest tube: Balham
020 8772 9085
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Australians may now be terrible at sport, and retaining female prime ministers, but two things that they excel at are coffee and breakfast food.

Flat white (£2.2) using workshop coffee – Cult of Done espresso (75% Ethiopian; 25% Honduran). Coffee score of 4; milk treatment score of 3.5.


Slow roasted brisket on a brioche bun with monster munch and sherry vinegar slaw (£8.5): as tasty as it was unhealthy.


Baked eggs with chorizo, spinach, labneh and Turkish chilli flakes (£7.9): perfectly cooked eggs, good quality chorizo and the spinach/yoghurt lended a nice balance.


Food: good quality cooking all the more impressive for coming from a two square meter kitchen 4/5

Service: slack-jawed but very friendly 3/5

Atmosphere: they played house of pain at the threshold of pain 1/5

Also see: Time Out and Bean Spiller.


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London food blogger.

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