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Burger marathon

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Shake Shack
24, Market Building, Covent Garden, WC2E 8RD
Nearest tube: Covent Garden
Shake Shack on Urbanspoon
website; map

Background: an American upmarket McDonalds which opened last year amid much hype

Setup: efficient counter service – when you pay you get a buzzer that summons you to a hatch to collect your food…….although expect a long queue

Burger: disappointing – very thin, underseasoned and overcooked

Bun and accompaniments: the bun was slightly sweet and sticky, the cheese tasteless and the gherkin overly salty

Chips: crinkle cut, cooked from frozen but nicely crisp

Verdict: over-hyped glorified McDonalds: not worth the wait – 4/10


Patty & Bun
54, James St, W1U 1HE
Nearest tube: Bond Street
Patty & Bun on Urbanspoon
website; map

Background: a pioneering pop-up that found its own home just north of Bond street in Autumn 2012

Setup: long, long queue, funky interior and hip waiting staff

Burger: soft, rich and cooked to order – thick and juicy

Bun and accompaniments: the brioche bun was light and sticky but strong enough to hold everything together; oily cheese and crisp bacon worked well together

Chips: skin-on maris piper – essentially good chip shop chips

Verdict: possibly the best burger in London – 9/10



CASK Pub and Kitchen
6 Charlwood St, SW1V 2EE
Nearest tube: Pimlico
Cask Pub and Kitchen on Urbanspoon
website; map

Background:  a fantastic craft beer pub in the middle of Pimlico wasteland

Setup: the pub has a franchise by forty burgers

Burger: a blend of 40 day aged rib eye ad 30 day aged rump – thick, nicely seasoned and served medium rare

Bun and accompaniments: a pretty conventional bun with a hint of sweetness, the cheese was rich cheddar and the gherkin firm and nicely vinegary

Chips: standard fries, freshly cooked

Verdict: well prepared, good quality meat: a fantastic partner to a malty porter or hoppy IPA – 7/10



The Ritzy
Brixton Oval, SW2 1JG
Nearest tube: Brixton
Ritzy Cafe on Urbanspoon
website; map

Background: the kitchen at Brixton’s independent cinema

Setup: the menu at Ritzy includes diverse dishes from goat curry to poached salmon

Burger: poor quality (burger van style) meat that had been severely overcooked

Bun and accompaniments: the bun might have been bought in bulk from Lidl; it was served with industrial relish and raw sliced onion

Chips: cheap and cheerful, cooked from frozen

Verdict: hard to believe that food like this is still served in London……simply terrible – 1/10



Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Unit 2A, Tower Place, EC3R5BU
Nearest tube: Tower Hill
Gourmet Burger Kitchen on Urbanspoon
website; map

Background: Kiwi pioneers of the London burger scene who have since bloated into a 60 restaurant empire

Setup: a choice of 13 beef burgers with some weird options like a Kiwiburger which comes topped with beetroot, pineapple and an egg

Burger: West Country Aberdeen Angus cooked to order: it had a nice texture but was a tad under-seasoned

Bun and accompaniments: I chose the Smokin’ Joe which was stuffed with tart dill pickle, sweet shallots and strong smoked cheddar, sandwiched within a sweet brioche bun

Chips: my thin cut rosemary fries would not set the heather on fire

Verdict: ubiquitous and slightly soulless, but still a decent burger – 6/10




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